Thursday, June 7, 2007

hmmm, Me English Fail??? UNPOSSIBLE!!!

hmmm, attensiong! Dish is Engrish, not English, so dont hop two much! Almost full day since I sought power from the book of supreme knowledge by Kenek Rosen. Page by page teared apart, each word I bugged out my very eyes with hope that I can hear Rosen's ideas and thought from that cursed holy book. Practice by practice, from asses to asses, eyes for eyes, and then realized that practice makes perfect butt nobody is perfect. How steelronic it is, Koh Rosen said in one of his/her (or maybe hir/hes) theory called contracepsy (cih, typo...I mean contradipsy), that practice only make your life shorter

(from physics point of view : The Jedi Force = 1390^9563 Newton, butt movement = 0 meter, so Work = 0 joule...F x s = W, 1390^9563 x 0 = CRUEL FACT : ZERO !!!).

I became red eyed white hearted man once more but in return, the power of Recurrency is in the palm of my hand (Hope so)

hmmm, butt the show must go on along with my sleep hours allocasiong gone. Homo Homo Homo Homo Homogen (butt in reccurency, homo is better than hetero).....Reccurency...Linear...Constant...Alpha, Beta, Gamma. They all made my eyes bleed. A shit of paper feels like a swarm of burden from hell that hang on my eyes. Penance longer makes someone more powerful. Will the Force be with me? Unlikely, because they (The Force) think that I'm powerful enough to conquered that Deceased Matemathics, to be an assdowse, to train the 2007ers to become a powerful Jedi in Deceased Mathematics arts. Butt, Holy Seed!!! Can I go through this? Each question like a pain in your ass, stabbing your ass deeply inside (because it is cold and made you want to throwing big water), forced you to think what beyonce belief. Bite the way, every qestion must be any means necessary...

hmmm, mairizaly (instead of fortunately), assdowsing session yesterday and this morning really helped me in my way to dominating that dum fuk test. Yeah, what is done is done, what happen ya happenlaaaaah...butt there is sum ting wong, what the fart it is? OS...this is 7th and the deadline is tomorrow, now back to work, enemy spotted. Where is Jenggo? Jenggo is down...repeat, Jenggo is down...request backup. Summon Jenggo from its habitat, swamp.
And promise me, there will be Dufan waiting out there to escape from this madness (Madness? This is sparta!). Okay, get me outta from this sexually stupidizer.

hmmm, i have a little dirty wooden shiny red secret (The position was correct? Per devil with order, this is Engrish anyway). The secret was like a pandora box, so it wasnt supposed to be exposed. Should I tell you all? No, it wasn't necessary. Isn't it? Mairizaly, I'm in openminded mode today, so I'll tell you. Be careful for what you read for!


hmmm, that's all. What? You dont understand? Unmairizaly, that was in Parseltongue. Weak human!

Wish me luck for the UAS result, may the Force be with us all (hey, 'us all" sounds like 'asshole')!


heNing sePt said...

susah dibedain mana yang bener mana yang ngaco. kayaknya sih ngaco semua :P
per devil, mairizaly.. ckckckck...
ada2 aja lo mal..

KN said...

hmmm, kan Engrish...